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What happens when you combine organic turmeric, ginger, pumpkin powder, seamoss gel and some amazing oils together? You get a blemish fading, acne fighting, hydrating bar of soap! Reduce blemishes and inflammation caused by acne, eczema and other skin conditions. Repair skin damage, even and restore your skin's appearance with the Rescue Bar. Ginger is known to fight against bacteria causing acne breakouts with a number of other great skin benefits. Pumpkin powder is an excellent source of vitamin A and C. This combination soothes and calms irritated skin, boosts collagen production all while turning dull skin into glowing healthy skin. Seamoss is high in mineral content, making this soap bar extremely hydrating to the skin which is great for all skin types including those with dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. The Rescue Bar can be used daily without drying out your skin because it contains some amazing oils. It can be used as a body bar and face bar.  Our Rescue Bar contains shea butter, organic turmeric powder, ginger, pumpkin powder, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil and seamoss gel.  Net wt. 5.5OZ./bar 

Rescue Sea Moss Bar

SKU: 0019
  • Like all soap our soap products does contain glycerin, which is required in every soap making process. Our glycerin is made with natural ingredients, derived from plant base oils and contains no alcohol or harmful chemicals that usually dry skin. The shea butter and goat milk bases are all detergent free, leaving our skin nourished and smooth.   *Discard soap if irritation occurs.*

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