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This was is filled with the floral scent of gardenia essential oil and calming scent from sweet orange essential these two aromas are perfect for decompressing and unwinding. Not only does gardenia essential oil have a great floral scent it also has anitbacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Sweet orange essential also has anitbacterial properties and is filled with vitamin C which is great for skin elasticity. Unwind is also contains pure castile soap (plant based and vegetable glycerin), raw unfiltered honey and vitamin E. Pairs well with the Lavender Milk Bath soak or Cherry Blossom with Peppermint Leaves Milk Bath  soak for complete relaxation. See Milk Bath category for details. 

Container size 8 FL OZ. Shake before using. 


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  • Pure castile soap is planted based and those who suffer from ezcema and dry skin can benefit from using castile soap. Known to be great for most skin types even sensitive skin. Like all soap our soap products does contain glycerin, which is required in every soap making process. Our glycerin is made with natural ingredients, derived from plant base oils and contains no alcohol or harmful chemicals that usually dry skin.  This body wash is detergent free, leaving our skin nourished and smooth.    *Discard soap if irritation occurs.* *List of moisturizers may contain nuts.* 

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